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Kristen Bell: a charming emotional wreck

1 Feb

Since this is the internet’s #1 resource for news about both Kristen Bell and sloths, it is my duty to show you the video below.



Best video ever of the week

11 Dec

The kid’s reaction at :38 speaks for all of us.


ICYMI: Mandelbaum wanna-bes throw down

29 Nov

The lesson we learned this past week: if Joe Kapp offers you flowers, just take the damn flowers and keep your mouth shut.

Greatest video ever of the week

15 Oct

“I’m into points a lot. But they’re not your average points.”


(Thanks to friend and devoted reader Katie S. — who I guarantee is “popping it” somewhere right now — for sending the video.)

Flawless execution of the tablecloth trick

12 Sep

Good job, guys!


(Yeah, probably fake. Hilarious either way.)

This is just excellent

6 Jun

More Gabe for your viewing pleasure

9 May

I realize I pimp Gabe so feverishly that I can’t be trusted to speak objectively about anything he does, but I think we can all agree that this is dynamite.