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Daily Show segment of the decade

13 Feb

I can’t get the video to embed but it’s here and it’s perfect.


Dave Holmes nails it yet again

5 Jan

As always, Holmes is the absolute best.

If Michele and Marcus Bachmann did not exist, and you were to write them and their adventures as fiction- as a spec pilot, say, or a series of sketches in your weekly ”How ‘Bout Those Headlines” show at WackyTeamz or whatever- the one note you would consistently get would be: “Lose the doggy sunglasses bit. It’s a little on the nose, don’t you think?” Your mother would tell you this. “Dude’s closeted. Message received. A real person would never behave this way. Dial it back.”

But they are real, and they did behave this way- live, in front of millions of people- and it made Ben and me laugh so hard we frightened our own dog.

God bless America.

PotW: Super happy Newt

15 Dec

Candidate gaffe of the day

30 Nov

At the end of his stump speech at a town hall meeting, Perry said, “Those of you that will be 21 by November the 12th, I ask for your support and your vote. Those of you who won’t be, work hard.”

The legal voting age is 18, not 21. The date of the 2012 general election is Nov. 6.

MY GOD, Rick Perry.

If I had the energy I’d make this a daily feature, because for some strange reason being on the campaign trail makes seemingly smart people turn into incompetent boobs. Perry, Cain, et al can’t even have a definitive “Howard Dean moment” because they have them all the time. It’d be sad if it weren’t so funny.

This probably happened because Obama said 50/50 was “just okay”

20 Nov

I don’t know what I love most about this story: that there was an assassination attempt on the president and basically zero people gave a shit, or that the would-be assassin looks almost exactly like an unkempt Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Aaaaand that’s when I stopped listening to the AFL-CIO prez

26 Aug








Longread of the week

17 Aug

For those of you like me who heartily backed Obama but find yourself disillusioned and generally bummed about his presidency thus far, here is your new anthem. Pro-tip: after re-reading, remind yourself that collapsed economies take time to recover and Obama has surrounded himself with experts many times over, and thus they have a much better shot at figuring this thing out than you do. At least that’s been my mental plan of attack. Hooray for patience?

(Also, for those interested: here’s a counterpoint on TNR. I couldn’t make much sense of it but the author is clearly smarter than me and you may be too, so have at it.)