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The Riff, ep 33: “#TeamNow or #TeamLater”

13 Feb

Brandon and Tony deliver a spirited round of hoops/Wolves talk. Topics include Jeremy Lin, defending LeBron for the wrong reasons, Pekovic, Webster, DWill, Wolves game recaps, J.R Smith and trade targets.


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The Riff, ep 32: “Cruise ship Ting Tings”

13 Feb

After a brief but tragic hiatus, Brandon & Tony return to discuss Whitney Houston, Valentine’s Day plans, car chases, family DUIs, internet-famous band Karmin, the Grammys and more.


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The Riff, ep 31: “The No Fudge Club”

23 Jan

This week’s episode of The Riff finds the bros discussing JoePa, a horny pastor, cover letters, booze, the No Cussing Club, a rousing game of Name That Drug, cancer cures and the requisite 20 minute Wolves chat. ‘Twas a good talk, have yourself a listen.


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The Riff, ep 30: “Violent mating battles”

16 Jan

Discussed in this week’s Riff: bungee jumping, a crazy Valentine’s Day event, hangover cures, Greece’s pedophilia sympathy, cruise ship disasters, bros, turds, Tebow and your weekly dose of Wolves talk. Another fun one. Give it a listen and spread the gospel, friends.


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The Riff, ep 29: “Bros and turds”

9 Jan

Tony, Ryan and I talk David O. Russell, Facebook pranks, a Papa John’s racism kerfuffle, some random nonsense and a whole lot of Wolves: specifically the last three games, potential trades, how to improve the team, an argument over DWill, free agent prospects and, yeah, more drooling over Rubio. Fun one. Have a listen.

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The Riff, ep 28: “Fun With Small Sample Sizes”

3 Jan

Your prayers have been answered: it’s another NBA-centric installment of The Riff. Brandon and Tony talk power polls, sucker bets, crybabies, player grades, potential Wolves trades, “Name that Drug” and of course, about an hour straight of drooling over Rubio. Press play and allow our velvety tenors to envelop your soul. Or something.

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The Riff, ep 27: “The chaotic Wolves preview podcast”

18 Dec

Are you in the mood for a rambling, tangent-heavy, jokey, overly loud Wolves season preview podcast? Then I’ve got just the thing. Listen in as as a small army of guest co-hosts and I discuss the NBA, Sam Hurd, the Rosemount prank, music and a whole lot of Wolves. This one’s pretty hectic but was a lot of fun. Dig it.

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