The Riff, ep 30: “Violent mating battles”

16 Jan

Discussed in this week’s Riff: bungee jumping, a crazy Valentine’s Day event, hangover cures, Greece’s pedophilia sympathy, cruise ship disasters, bros, turds, Tebow and your weekly dose of Wolves talk. Another fun one. Give it a listen and spread the gospel, friends.


Direct download here, or you can find us on iTunes.

One Response to “The Riff, ep 30: “Violent mating battles””

  1. MamaStinger January 20, 2012 at 2:21 pm #

    Good cast.

    Not like you care at all, but another fun Paula Deen fact, apparently she’s horrendous to work with. A fellow producer friend of mine just got back from a shoot with the production crew that shoots her show and apparently she shows up HOURS late to production, a total diva, treats her crew like crap and just feels like people should deal with her and her buttery, diabetes-filled nonsense. Too bad.

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