The silver lining of the Matt Capps signing?

5 Dec

It’s just a one-year commitment? He’s still ostensibly in his prime? We baby our closers so much he’ll be given a good shot at success? A 1.2 WHIP isn’t terrible? A career 3.46 K/BB ratio is pretty solid? A .726 OPS-Against is totally not bad? He can’t *possibly* do worse than a 63% save percentage?

He’s got decent control? He’s realized that having the league’s straightest fastball isn’t exactly a hallmark quality and will work on movement? He could possibly relocate the magic touch he had in the NL? We could trade him at the deadline?

Whoever replaced him may have been worse? Adding a decent reliever to the roster in need isn’t the worst thing in the world? Rebuilding with draft picks isn’t a guaranteed path to success? Considering recent history, the draft pick we sacrificed probably would have sucked anyway?

Ah forget it. I tried. This deal’s a turd, friends.


One Response to “The silver lining of the Matt Capps signing?”

  1. Gates December 6, 2011 at 1:39 pm #

    Thank You. I was getting angry trying to reason with Kool-Aid drinking StarTrib posters. “He pitched through a sore forearm last year,” which is something Terry Ryan first said, like, last week. He’s just not that good. He racked up saves for two terrible teams and got an All-Star appearance because someone from every team gets one, no matter how terrible the team, and to me it was pretty evident right away this dude is no closer. As you said, straightest fastball in the league. And he doesn’t throw a breaking pitch! I just don’t understand it.

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