Yet another reason to love the internet

31 Oct

My wife is due to have our first kid in two weeks, and while I’m excited for the pregnancy to be over, one thing I’m going to seriously miss is reading hippie-mom blogs for their hilarious advice. They are exactly as loopy/adorable as you’d expect.

My favorite recent one, found while trying to learn if there is a way to help the baby flip from posterior (painful labor) to anterior:

  • Talk to your baby; ask him/her to turn to anterior
  • Visualize an anterior baby
  • Relaxing in a warm bath and telling your baby you are happy s/he is about to arrive can also make a world of difference

God bless you, hippie moms. God bless you all.


One Response to “Yet another reason to love the internet”

  1. Cool Rut November 1, 2011 at 11:46 am #

    Thank you for this post. We spent 19 hours trying to deliver a posterior baby and it was very painful (I was told). You can rest assured when we get nearer to the due date, we will be doing this. I have a few suggestions for new dads, but I don’t have a blog so this will have to suffice.
    Most important is to get drunk or high and maintain the high thru out the process.
    Looking at the “stretch” will make you feel small but keep reminding yourself you won’t have sex for a solid 2 months anyway, so you’ll forget.
    If your a breast man, your SOL-they will never be the same (without surgery).

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