Time to start panicking again

20 Oct

You may remember ol’ Harold Camping, he of “the world is coming to an end on May 21st” fame. Well, the 174-year-old with a vice-grip on reality is back with a brand new jam that’s sure to fly to the top of the “senile old man” charts right quick. Take it away, New York Magazine:

As God had it, an answer began forming and was furthered along via some ideas in a letter he’d received that very morning from a listener. He realized, he explained, he’d been taking some of the end-time verses in the Bible too literally. “Suddenly it dawned on me, Oh, I see what happened,” he said. God had indeed returned to Earth on May 21, he explained, but His return—and the earthquakes and terror that were to accompany it—was for now spiritual, not physical. It was, Camping said, necessary for it to be this way; if God had let Camping realize there would be no fire and brimstone, then his warnings might have been less vigorous. Most important, the timeline he’d parsed from the Bible was no less accurate. The Final Judgment was already occurring. It would last for five months—153 days—and we were already two days in.

“And it will continue right up until October 21, 2011, and at that time the whole world will be destroyed,” Camping said calmly.

So for the few of you who didn’t quit your jobs in May and drain your bank account going hog-wild with t-bones and lamborghini rentals and making it rain at the nudie bar in the days before surefire damnation arrived, you can ahead and do so now. This time it’s definitely going to happen!

2 Responses to “Time to start panicking again”

  1. RV Camping October 26, 2011 at 5:03 pm #

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    • Murph October 27, 2011 at 8:21 am #

      Well said.

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