Team Wuss

12 Oct

This week’s “I was going to write the same thing but eh I’ll just link to this article instead”: “In Defense of Wussing Out in the NFL” by Grantland’s Mark Titus.

I’m in the very small minority of people who support the ongoing pussification of the NFL, because I think the league as a whole is more exciting and more entertaining to watch than it’s ever been. […] the rule changes over the last few years to protect quarterbacks and receivers have resulted in teams placing a greater emphasis on spreading the field and throwing the ball around, which is exactly what I’ve wanted out of football all along.

Yes to every word. I’m in favor of going even further: weight restrictions, no special teams, possibly even one or two fewer players on the field. And when injuries are minimized, they can add more games, and more games equals less of a feeling that the entire league is a crapshoot not far removed from a coin-flipping competition.

Plenty of open roster spots on Team Wuss. Feel free to join us.

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