Line + read of the week

29 Aug

First, the line:

In addition to being somewhat crazy—a shrink once diagnosed me with borderline personality disorder, which I thought was a bit of a stretch until I realized that, like everyone else, he just wanted to have sex with me—I am a yoga teacher.

That’s the opener of an essay from The Awl entitled “Why Yoga Can Be So Irritating (And Why You Should Go Anyway!)” that cracked me up about a hundred times. Really, really funny even if you know nothing about the yoga culture.

And, bonus: seeing as how I’m a fairly thick dude with perpetually creaky knees and a balky back with the unfortunate ability to gain 20 pounds by tomorrow morning if I feel like it, I also have to credit the article for scaring me away from a yoga class once and for all. About 5% of me was open to the possibility of sullenly allowing my wife to drag me to a class someday. Now, thanks to this awesome essay: nope.


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