Second verse, same as the first

8 Aug

Remember when Donald Trump was atop the political polls for like three seconds and we laughed uncontrollably at every supposedly serious journalist who pretended to take his candidacy seriously? And we thought that our laughter and incessant mocking catcalls might possibly teach those journalists and the mass media at large that maybe propping up fake candidates solely in the name of pageviews wasn’t worth flushing your political reputation down the shitter? And how we we were pretty sure everyone learned their lesson?

Well, it’s happening again.

And if you think she is a legit candidate, two quick to-dos for your consideration:

(1) Read this feature (And plan on saying “Shoot! Aim! Score!” constantly for the next few weeks),

And (2) Realize that placing her atop the Republican ticket is the recurring wet dream of every person hoping Obama gets a second term. Unless the GOP has a death wish, it’s not happening. Move on, everyone.


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