RealClearPolitics was hacked

31 Jul

RCP is one of my go-to sites for political news but it appears that last week, something called Dennis Prager hacked the site and posted a hilarious spoof article entitled “Ten Ways Progressive Policies Harm Society’s Moral Character.”

You’re really going to want to read the entire thing — honestly, it’s so crazy even the weeniest of liberal wieners will laugh — but here is my favorite part:

One of the differences distinguishing Americans from Europeans that he most marveled at was how much Americans — through myriad associations — took care of one another. Until President Franklin Roosevelt began the seemingly inexorable movement of America toward the European welfare state — vastly expanded later by other Democratic presidents — Americans took responsibility for one another and for themselves far more than they do today.

Thinking the statement curious, I exorcised the ghosts of every minority and woman alive before the Roosevelt era, and a full 100% of them called bullshit on Prager’s memory of America’s supposed golden years. How that article ended up on RCP is beyond me.


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