Hating on the hateful

3 May

There are a lot of hateful people in the world, and World Net Daily founder Joseph Farah is certainly one of them. However, a few facts gleaned from this recent article on him will hopefully help turn your rage toward him into laughter. Because he really is an extraordinarily stupid man. Four reasons:

1. He has terrible grammar.

“I’m not apologizing for nothing,” he said during his interview. Sure, we all make dumb grammatical mistakes from time to time, but something this egregious, at a time when you know you’re being interviewed? Grade-A moron.

2. He doesn’t understand the Constitution.

It’s fine if you or I don’t understand the Constitution, because we aren’t going around publicly decrying the President’s appointment as unconstitutional. Those who are into that sort of thing might want to skim the document every so often just to stay fresh with the hopes of not sounding like an uneducated yokel. That way you wouldn’t go around making claims like:

Farah said the real issue is that Obama is still not eligible to be president because his father was Kenyan and his adopted father was Indonesian, making him a potential “dual citizen” of two separate foreign countries.

When everyone with a modicum of a clue could point out in half a goddamn second:

“The 14th amendment unambiguously and expressly confers U.S. citizenship on everyone ‘born . . . in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof.’ This means that Barack Obama was a U.S. citizen at birth. independent of the citizenship or age of either or both of his biological or adoptive parents.”

Good god, man, this isn’t rocket science. It’s called reading. I suggest either doing more of it or shutting your mouth.

3. He has wasted a lot of money on his batshit theories.

Farah’s commitment to fueling the birther issue dates back to the 2008 presidential campaign, when he said he had hired a dozen private detectives in Hawaii to dig up material on Obama’s birth in hopes of finding something that might contradict the “certification of live birth” released by the Obama campaign at the time.

Granted, I’m sure he’s got money to burn — fueling hatred is lucrative biz — but it warms my heart to know he’s blowing his money on such pointless BS. It’s the old-white-bigot version of a solid-gold grill.

4. He is now a laughingstock of the publishing community.

And really, any community that enjoys things that aren’t embarrassingly wrong. The reason (and really, the best part of then entire article): he has published an about-to-be-released book entitled Where’s The Birth Certificate? You can almost hear Farah’s teeth grating through the monitor as he acknowledges the timing is “unfortunate.”

Mr. Farah, I’d say that’s the understatement of the year.


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