And this concludes the steroids talk

13 Apr

This article on the Cleveland Frowns site perfectly — perfectly — sums up my feelings regarding Manny and the Hall of Fame. In fact, taking into account that post and my original piece on the issue written two years ago, I am reasonably sure I won’t feel the need to ever write about steroids again. That’s good news for me (and you too, I bet).


5 Responses to “And this concludes the steroids talk”

  1. shall April 14, 2011 at 11:54 am #

    Comment from message board sums up my feelings when reading this article.

    “There is no honor in playing by the rules even if those about you aren’t? What of those that are able to attain greatness without circumventing the rules to do so? What then is their reward.”

    Baseball is a game about stats more than any other and unfortunately many of the stats are tainted in one way or another. PED’s have always been apart of the game, it’s just unfortunate if we shrug it aside as no big deal. Cheating is still cheating, and though I always loved watching Manny hit it would have been nice if he had done it the right way.

  2. B. April 14, 2011 at 5:13 pm #

    Word. I’m not saying steroids aren’t wrong — I think the increased testing and 50/100 game suspension are great things for the game. Just saying that since we don’t know how much steroids benefit players — and that most experts claim they barely help at all — there is no reason to act like the steroids users are any worse than the guys who threw spitballs, or corked their bats, or stole signs, or took greenies. Just saying: take it easy, angry people. Manny was awesome at baseball and (IMO) deserves to be featured in the museum that was built to feature baseball’s best players.

    I would say the reward for the guys who didn’t do steroids is not having a tainted record, not having to be suspended, no bacne and regular-sized gonads.

  3. Gates April 14, 2011 at 7:56 pm #

    I think you’re being pretty naive if you’re believing anyone saying we don’t know how much steroids help. Look at Sammy Sosa’s career and tell me that steroids didn’t take him from a mediocre OF to a guy who hit 60 HR’s, four years in a row. That had been done twice in the history of the game until that point. Steroids obviously help plenty. It seems they make the ball go farther off the bat and come out faster from the arm.

    For the record, I believe Manny is a HOFer, as I do Bonds and Clemens. The others I’d have a problem with. What I would say to you, B, is settle down, angry guy. There’s plenty of reasons these guys are worse than Gaylord Perry scuffing the ball up. Look at the numbers, numbers boy.

  4. Gates April 14, 2011 at 8:05 pm #

    Barry Bonds career HR’s by year:
    AGE HR
    21 16
    22 25
    23 24
    24 19
    25 33
    26 25
    27 34
    28 46
    29 37
    30 33
    31 42
    32 40
    33 37
    34 34
    35 49
    36 73
    37 46
    38 45
    39 45
    40 5
    41 26
    42 28

    Ages 28-32: Prime years for most guys (198 HR’s)
    Ages 35-39: 258 HR’s

    This happens all the time, so we can’t tell if steroids helped at all.

  5. B. April 14, 2011 at 8:19 pm #

    How much of that spike was attributed to adjustments in the baseball (hardness and seams) after the strike? How much is due to smaller ballparks?

    Have you read Posnanski’s column (link #1 below) as well as every word by noted expert Eric Walker (link #2 below)? I have, and they make pretty convincing arguments. If you can still prove to me how much steroids help AFTER answering my two questions above, and AFTER reading those two links, I think we will be on the way to having a better discussion. Because just noting a couple guys whose numbers spiked the most doesn’t seem like a good argument.

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