Unappreciated classics, part 1

6 Apr

Sometimes catchy, accessible, nearly perfect songs fall through the cracks of popularity. Millions of great tunes have unfairly failed to lodge themselves in the ear of the general populace, while other, grosser songs do. So you get “Brown Eyed Girl” and “Takin’ Care of Business” played every half hour in every public setting.

One such unheard-of tune* is Candi Staton’s “Heart on a String.” Why/how it isn’t an omnipresent, karaoke-favorite, played-at-every-wedding-reception classic is beyond me. It’s catchy, it’s funky…there are no missing ingredients. Friends of B: plan on hearing this at every party from now until forever.

Have a listen and decide if you agree with my assessment.

*Though not unheard-of if you’ve ever seen the great Hookers & Blow in concert.


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