Wednesday swag

22 Feb

{+} A great starting point for the SNL team of writers should they want to reprise the Bad Idea Blue Jeans commercial: sharing child porn online under the username PervyMcPerv. On the plus side, looks like I just got my fantasy football team name for next season.


{+} From the Department of As If You Care: Mitch Daniels is my new favorite politician. He is smart and unafraid to challenge his party and refuses to pander to the illiterati and thus will never, ever come close to being president.


{+} Evolution: CONFIRMED via video of a baby gorilla taking its first steps.


{+} RSS add of the week: 22 Words, run by a Minneapolitan devoted to finding and sharing a wide swath of interesting nuggets found on the web. He surfs so you don’t have to. A favorite recent post: 8 ominously vicious animal photos.


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