Well, this is just horrifying

21 Feb

I have to hand it to the crack team of research experts over at CBS’s “The Talk” (for the uninitiated,”The Talk” is a show that apparently exists I think?). I had no idea a singing mini-me version of Anna Nicole Smith existed, but they found her, dolled her up and showed her off to an unsuspecting world. The result is a video that will make even the most ethnocentric of folks shake their head in shame.

OK, enough introduction. Those who feel like being cringe-itained for a minute, press play and let the awfulness wash over you.

Wow. Okay. Just…okay. Wow. I don’t. Huh.

Two things:

1. That poor girl better get used to the face Leah Remini shot her at 0:41, because she’s going to get that “oh honey, I know you don’t realize it yet, but your mom fucked you up but good” look for pretty much the rest of her childhood. Gonna be a bumpy ride, kiddo. Plan on plenty more of this:

2. I’m currently taking your bets in the Rehab Prediction Pool. As you know, the official rules state you are required to declare both the age and drug of choice of the user. I’ll get things started with a ho-hum guess: 16, Percoset. Take it away, kids. Let’s all agree to meet back here in 2025 to see who won.


One Response to “Well, this is just horrifying”

  1. Dave MN February 24, 2011 at 1:02 pm #

    I’m not sure what made me more ill, the performance or the fact that people other than her insane stage-mother were clapping along.

    I won’t lie, that actually made me a little nauseous.

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