Apologies if Howard was joking (which would make more sense)

15 Feb

A few years back, the Pioneer Press’s Bob Sansevere suggested what I continue to believe was the dumbest trade proposal I have ever read. So bad, in fact, that to this day I have still not read another word the guy has written. (Has he written any more words? In my head he was immediately fired, but real life rarely works like it does in my head.) My boycott has nothing to do with proving a point, but there are too many quality baseball writers out there to be wasting time reading such a dumbass.

Today, I may have to enact the same ban towards one Howard Sinker. Why, you ask? Here goes.

Sinker began a recent post by talking about the Rangers’ Michael Young. Young wants to be traded and he plays a position of need for the hometown team, so Sinker tried his hand as matchmaker. Sinker prefaced his proposal by mentioning Young’s albatross of a contract and acknowledged that the Rangers weren’t expecting “100% value” in return. So far, so good.

And then he lost his mind.

He proved as such by suggesting that one way the Twins could net Young is by trading Francisco Fucking Liriano, only one of the ten best pitchers last season and current owner of an unfairly cheap contract. A guy who racked up a 6.0 WAR last season (hint: that’s really, really good) in exchange for a more-expensive, older guy that turned in a 2.7 (hint: that number is much lower than the other number). Not expecting 100% value in return? Would you consider 275%?

To sum up, Sinker’s game plan for success involves finding players who are:

– Old
– Expensive
– Not good

I don’t have the heart to give this embarrassment the extended take-down it so badly needs, and Sinker is a stand-up guy who has graciously handled my immature abuse in the past, so I’ll just say I won’t be taking Sinker’s trade proposals seriously from now on.


One Response to “Apologies if Howard was joking (which would make more sense)”

  1. RandBall's Stu February 16, 2011 at 8:46 am #

    He had to be kidding. Had to be.

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