Friday swag

17 Dec

“I’m playing percentages, but it’s not a guessing game. Most of the time I’m right.” SI profiles Kevin Love.


“To each his own” until it’s a crime: a grown man gets aroused by acting autistic and having babysitters change his diaper.


Essay of the week: “Some Futures I Thought I Might Have.”


Stunner: The Big Picture’s “2010 in Photos.”


“Fear drives you to hoard, to hate, to build walls to keep the Other out. Fear makes you forget that your neighbor is just another human being trying to do his best and transforms him into a lazy, thieving bandit trying to take what’s rightfully yours. Fear makes you watch Glenn Beck/Keith Olbermann tell you that the Democrats/Republicans are monsters out to destroy you and your way of life, when the truth is that most politicians (not all, but most) are mainly interested in being rich and powerful and famous without actually having to work very hard, and will tell you pretty much anything you want to hear to keep their jobs.” Perspective meets inspiration. Amen to 100% of it.


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