Taibbi on sports spats

28 Nov

I’m a couple weeks late on this, but Matt Taibbi’s article in Men’s Journal about the best current sports spats is hilarious. This is my favorite excerpt…

The ominous racial overtones make this an unfortunately perfect feud for the Tea Party decade. White people see an ultimate 21st-century black pop-culture icon like LeBron James flamboyantly dumping a once-proud but clearly dying symbol of roll-your-sleeves-up, 20th-century white industry like Cleveland for Miami, a city where English hasn’t been spoken for 50 years and the leading industry is pussy — and they all want to have a collective aneurysm over the collapse of black “values.” It goes without saying that if any one of those critics had a chance to be a 6-foot-8 getting-laid machine, they’d opt for South Beach in a heartbeat. But Gilbert’s post-Decision freak-out about how LeBron has “gotten a free pass” on some unconscious level spoke to much deeper (and more absurd) feelings about how terribly unfair it is that white folk can’t say mean things about black people anymore.

…But there is much more where that came from. Give it a look, friends.


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