Thursday swag

17 Nov

{+} Yet another good one in the Guardian’s “Experience” series: “I nearly died after eating wild mushrooms.” I had a similar experience, except they weren’t wild, and my near-death was caused by me trying to leap through the kitchen window in protest of my wife putting mushrooms on a pizza. Otherwise, same thing.


{+} Great, great essay: “Why comedy movies aren’t funny,” which argues that television is a far superior medium for comedy. I agree with every last word, and am furious that I didn’t write the same thing sooner.


{+} New York Magazine’s profile of the controversial Waiting for Superman documentary is an absolute must-read for fellow education reform geeks.

Irrelevant but interesting aside within the story:

Over the nineteen months of his term, Obama (…) has unfurled an education agenda that has delighted reformers, upset the unions, and in the process delivered more on his promise of transcending partisan divisions in the service of pragmatism than he has on any other issue.

A sliver of good news, worth passing along.


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