Thursday swag

10 Nov

{+} I’m assuming most sports fans are already avid readers of Joe Posnanski, but even sport-haters should get a kick out of his article that explains where the whole “Abner Doubleday invented baseball” myth comes from. Spoiler: a certified lunatic, and no that is not an exaggeration.


{+} Celebrity interviews: pretty boring, right? The exception is Tracy Morgan, as usual.


{+} I’m just going to paste the intro of a recent Vanity Fair article and let that do the titillating for me. Great story.

After a woman living in a hotel in Florida was raped, viciously beaten, and left for dead near the Everglades in 2005, the police investigation quickly went cold. But when the victim sued the Airport Regency, the hotel’s private detective, Ken Brennan, became obsessed with the case: how had the 21-year-old blonde disappeared from her room, unseen by security cameras? The author follows Brennan’s trail as the P.I. worked a chilling hunch that would lead him to other states, other crimes, and a man nobody else suspected.


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