Wednesday swag

3 Nov

{+} You’ve been streaming Cee-Lo’s new album over at NPR, right? Pretty fantastic.


{+} This week’s proof that politics are a farce and not to be taken seriously … You recall that Arizona immigration bill, yes? Turns out it was proposed and bankrolled by the private prison companies that stand to profit most.

Thirty of the 36 co-sponsors received donations over the next six months, from prison lobbyists or prison companies.

The only surprising part of this story is that it’s not surprising in the least. 21st century politics: ruled by lobbyists.


{+} Here is a wonderful product for you insecure/insane people of the world. New app for Android:

“Once installed on a phone, [the app] hides in the background and sends out a copy of every trystful text and sext to the person who installed it.”

99% of the time, I’m jealous that the younger generation gets to grow up with incredibly valuable, life-simplifying technologies. This is that other 1%.


{+} Why do we vote on Tuesdays? Simple: because of some dumb rule created in1845. So it turns out every single aspect of the voting process is antiquated nonsense. America: FUCK YEAH.


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