Playing the game: Obama edition

27 Oct

President Obama has been chided time and again for his inability to tell the public of his progress, of his unwillingness to spin stories in his favor. On the one hand, his apolitical nature is a noble effort. On the other hand, it’s a strategy (or lack thereof) that has people thinking he sucks ass as president.

One great example, which I’m going to paste in full from Daily Intel:

Did you know that President Obama’s stimulus package last year cut taxes for 95 percent of working families? Probably not, because, unlike President George W. Bush’s tax rebate, which came in the mail in the form of a big fat check — everyone gather around, the tax cut is here, hooray! — Obama decided to just take out fewer taxes from your paychecks. The administration thought that, with this subtle method, people would be more likely to stimulate the economy by spending the money, rather than saving it, unpatriotically. But not only did nobody really notice that they even received a tax cut — therefore robbing Obama of any political benefit — but a study by a University of Michigan economics professor shows that more people actually spent the Bush tax cuts than the Obama tax cuts.

I believe that cuts to the heart of Obama’s problems better than any one example. Decent policies, horseshit marketing.

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