A classic example of letting perfect get in the way of better

21 Oct

Dave Zirin of the renowned football publication “The Nation” weighs in on the NFL safety shitstorm:

Here’s the reality check to Peter King and all who want their violence safely commodified for Sunday: there is no making football safer. There is no amount of suspensions, fines or ejections that will change the fundamental nature of a sport built on violent collisions. It doesn’t matter if players have better mouth guards, better helmets or better pads. Anytime you have a sport that turns the poor into millionaires and dangles violence as an incentive, well, you reap what you sow.

I hereby nominate Zirin as the next Secretary of Transportation.

“Here’s the reality check to all of you giant pussies: there is no making driving safer. There is no amount of speed limits, equipment or airbags that will change the fundamentals of an act that should kill approximately 10% of our nation each year. In fact, I am ordering everyone in the country to immediately remove the seatbelts from your vehicles. Right fucking now. My grandpappy didn’t need them, so neither do we. Fuck “safer.” Driving is dangerous. Suck it up.”

I am baffled on a daily basis at the strident overreactions of most people, but I will never understand the idea that supporting rule modifications that make a sport safer (and therefore improving the well-being of fellow humans) is somehow seen as an admission of a lack of balls. You’re either a limp-wristed Nancy who would rather watch professional hand-holding than a game of football, or you understand that football is a VIOLENT SPORT FOR REAL MEN that needs no changes. A dumb issue dominated by dumb opinions.

In other words: sports!


One Response to “A classic example of letting perfect get in the way of better”

  1. Numero 6 October 22, 2010 at 12:04 pm #

    As ironic as it may seem, the only way to change the violent nature of this game is to make the pads worse. Joe Paterno, although possibly suffering from Alzheimer’s, brought up a good point yesterday when he said that all the NFL has to do is take away the helmet’s face-mask. That will stop the head to head collisions in a hurry.

    In my opinion, Fantasy Football has created the growth of the NFL….Not the big hits. Therefore, I don’t think the league would take a hit (no pun intended) by slowing things down and keeping guys alive.

    The hits are fun, but blame ESPN’s “Top-10” if we are going to point fingers. Glorifying these hits are not helping. On the other hand, nobody makes these guys play.

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