Friday swag

24 Sep

{+} This week’s RSS add: kick-ass writer Chris Jones (who penned both the Roger Ebert feature and the ‘perfect score on The Price is Right’ story) has a blog on Esquire. You might have trouble believing this, but here goes: it might be slightly better than this blog. I know. Crazy.


{+} True story: Marc Maron, host of the best podcast in the world, sat next to anti-gay homosexual (one of the millions, it seems) Ken Mehlman on a recent flight. The results? Fucking hilarious.


{+} The country demands an explanation on just what in the hell has happened to Randy Quaid. I’m praying this is just some serious method acting for an upcoming reprise of his Cousin Eddie role.


{+} Do yourself a favor and check out “The Finally Screenings,” an ongoing feature of a guy watching supposed comedy classics for the first time. Turns out that if you remove the nostalgia, Animal House is a turd. Ghostbusters and Wayne’s World, on the other hand, still hold up.


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