Tim Pawlenty: just as dumb as the rest

9 Sep

This week’s example – maybe the example of the year – that politics are a farce and not to be taken seriously: Tim Pawlenty has recently decided to devote more than $350k of the state’s funds to an abstinence program that has been proven – fucking proven – to be unsuccessful. As in: it’s on a federal list of unsuccessful programs.

That’s where your tax money is going to, Minnesotans. $379,000 during a budgetary crisis toward an inarguably failed initiative, all so the governor can accrue some goodwill from the far-right folks in an effort to score some Presidential points.

Angry yet? Just you wait.

Later, just to make it crystal clear where his priorities lie, Pawlenty then issued an executive order to all Minnesota government agencies to refuse all monetary benefits from the health care legislation. That’s $7.8 billion, in case you’re curious.

Just to sum up: rather than receiving federal money devoted to increasing care for his citizens, Governor Pawlenty would rather spend taxpayer money on a program that doesn’t work. This isn’t being a budget hawk, this is being an irresponsible, opportunistic blowhard who views his miniscule Presidential chances as more important than the welfare of his state.

In other words, a politician. Can’t believe I used to give credence to this charade.


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