Thursday swag

8 Sep

The last people on the planet to defend Mel Gibson: shockingly, the LAPD. Not cool, you shameless celebrity apologists.

The Los Angeles sheriff’s deputy who arrested Mel Gibson for drunken driving in 2006 sued his department on Tuesday, claiming he has since been ostracized and passed over for promotions by the agency.


Apparently the only difference between President Bush’s declaration of the so-called “end” of the Iraq War and President Obama’s many years later was that the latter decided to forgo the awful signage. So, hooray for progress? (Actually: no. Shame on both of you.)


This week’s long read: The Girl in the Window, a Pulitzer-Prize-winning article about a six-year-old “feral child” found in Florida. Insanely gripping. Not to be missed.


Recommended song: “Felicia” by the Constellations, a hip-hop/rock/dance-y tune in the vein of Gym Class Heroes and Atmosphere. You are basically required to add this to your next party’s playlist.


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