Team Fall

2 Sep

It’s September now, which means fall has (unofficially) arrived. This leads me a an oft-presented question for my conversation mates: what season is better, spring or fall?

I submit that fall is vastly superior to spring. Fall is the best. Most disagree with me on this point, so let us review the pros and cons of each season before we all collectively decide that I was right in the first place.


By far the best season for sports, with playoff baseball and pro football both happening at the same time, in addition to college football and the related tailgating sessions. The weather is typically dry and, while a bit cooler, very amenable to outdoor activities (such as tailgating, which needs to be mentioned twice). Happy hours and golfing can be enjoyed without an abundance of ass sweat.

Plus, wedding season is mostly over, giving us young’uns free time to do whatever we damn well please. Great weather, less busy, plenty of free time activities … what is there to not love about fall? My favorite season by far.


Spring, on the other hand, while obviously less offensive than winter, is the most overrated of seasons. It’s rainy and colder than you remember, and you refuse to learn your lesson from the prior year, so you spend two months shivering in short sleeves and praying for a break in the clouds. Sports are insignificant with the exception of about six days in March, movies still suck, no bands come to Minnesota. Streets and yards are covered in brown slush for two months straight. The only good times you’ll have the entire season is leaving the state for Spring Break, which you shouldn’t really be doing at your age, you creep.

Sure, it’s nice to crack a window for the first time in months, and I love the sound of melting snow falling into storm drains as much as the next person, but that isn’t enough to make the rest of spring enjoyable. Let’s face it: spring is only fun in our minds.

Even in the face of all this rock-solid evidence, many people I’ve interviewed for this story (by “interviewed” I mean “drunkenly accosted”) still chose spring. Their reasoning was uniform: because spring signifies that summer is on its way. During the fall, people just think of winter lurking ’round the corner. Ergo, spring is a happier time.

Here is what I suggest we keep in mind: winter is not fall’s fault. We all agree that winter is a ruthless bitch that exists solely to teach us how to collectively question the existence and/or intentions of god. No argument there. We agree, summer > winter. But that is not the issue.

Let’s try to look past that, to ignore the two other seasons and focus solely on the issue at hand. And if we can do that, I predict we can agree that fall wins in a landslide.


3 Responses to “Team Fall”

  1. Numero 6 September 2, 2010 at 10:23 am #

    I am in total agreement, B. Fall is by far the best part of the year in my eyes. Even more so than summer. (Albeit there are very few of us out there that would venture to say such a thing in Minnesota) Your line that “winter is not fall’s fault” is brilliant. I have never looked at it that way but now have a clever way of defending my love of fall to my nay-saying friends and family.

    P.S. I am bit surprised (but pleased) at your “true” love of fall considering how much you despise its two most sacred holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving. But, if I start a FFC (Fall Fan Club), you will definitely be an honorary chairman.

  2. A.B. September 2, 2010 at 5:29 pm #

    You are so right, B! Fall is the best, especially in Minnesota, where it is exquisitely recognizable as a real season. (Envious, Savannah?) The air is brisk, it encourages the wearing of sweaters, and it also is associated with some of my favorite smells: woodsmoke, cinnamon, pumpkins and cloves. Nights are longer, apples are crisper and trees are prettier. Fall rules, spring drools.

  3. Cool Rut September 3, 2010 at 1:17 pm #

    I vote for the first 70 degree sunny day of Spring-as the best day in any season. Mainly because of the mood enhancing qualities, after spending the winter curled in the fetal position hating life, it is a lifesaver. Overall, Fall is far superior in everyway.

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