Tuesday swag

31 Aug

{+} This week’s long read: What Broke My Father’s Heart, about medical science and its complicated relationship with quality of life, is one of my very favorite pieces. Heartfelt and informative.


{+} I love this idea: a 21-year-old tried to fake his identity to play on the junior high football team. I mean, I understand trying to sneak back into junior high on account of the chicks, but just for a dumb sport? Some people make no sense.


{+} You’ve seen it everywhere else today, but Arcade Fire’s video for “We Used to Wait” that uses Google technology to personalize the experience for each user’s hometown is damn impressive.


{+} Current favorite song: Donkeyboy’s “Ambition,” a synthy pop tune that sounds like it belongs on the soundtrack of a Molly Ringwald-fronted 80s teen flick. Listen up:


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