Take-downs of the week

26 Aug

Journalist edition. Esquire’s Politics blog rips Daily Telegraph “journalist” Nick Allen a new one over his bullshit fabrication of the “death panels,” which would have been an interesting political debate provided guys of Allen’s ilk would have stepped aside and let the ethical folks handle it. But, alas, he (and others) riled up the vulnerable populace and ruined it for everyone.

I wish serious bad karma and professional misfortune upon this man.


Ignorance edition. Do yourself a favor and check out this kick-ass, angry political screed.

Money quote: “Truth is being tossed aside for ratings and the end result is a slow legitimization of the idiotic.” (Nothing new, but well stated.) Not sure if it’s possible to both call out the willfully ignorant while simultaneously not paying them any attention, but it’s a great article.

Either way, my new mantra: policy disagreements are OK, ignorance is not.


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