Wednesday swag

24 Aug

{+} Before you continue bitching incessantly about the traffic or the watered-down coffee at your work or how the Loud Chewer in the cube next to yours brought grape nuts again for breakfast, please do your best to keep in mind that there are 33 people that have been stuck in a goddamn mine for over two weeks, and likely will be there for four more months.


{+} NY Mag’s Edith Zimmerman was spot on when she suggested you grab a tissue before watching this amazing video from an old NPR segment. Even someone with a heart as black as mine enjoyed it, which makes me reasonably certain you will as well.


{+} As mentioned last week, I’ve been working my way through this list of classic magazine articles. Today’s recommendation: “Trouble in Paradise,” a 2008 Vanity Fair feature about Pitcairn Island.

Have you heard of Pitcairn Island? Good god. I tried to recap this story to a couple friends last weekend and it turned into like a 45-minute story complete with yelling and Costanza-as-Coco-the-Monkey animated motions. (Pro-tip: never discuss Pitcairn whilst drunk.)


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