When drinking pee is an improvement

18 Aug

When I was a sophomore in high school, my friends and I went to at a party in the garage of one of the senior’s houses. Very exciting times as a 16 year old, as you can imagine. And, as you can also imagine, most of the senior guys weren’t too thrilled to see us kids show up.

Late in the evening, I saw one of the older guys take a red plastic beer cup into a corner and piss in it. He then walked across the garage to one of us underclassman, a girl, and offered it to her, pretending it was a beer. As he scurried away, stealing glances over his shoulder, the girl absentmindedly handed it to one of my friends to hold as she went to the bathroom. And before I could tell him what was going on, he took the glass and began to chug.

After one swallow, he dropped the cup, grimaced in disgust and glared around the room, more hurt than angry. The seniors, realizing the prank was a lot funnier in spirit than reality, eventually wandered over the poor guy and sheepishly told him what they had done. I remember my friend forgiving them and all going back to normal.

I hadn’t thought about that (rather innocuous) experience until today, when I heard about this story.

To my piss-drinking victim of a friend, I say to you today: it could have been worse. Much worse.


One Response to “When drinking pee is an improvement”

  1. roughkat August 19, 2010 at 8:45 am #

    She sent it off to a lab? That part of the story seems really odd. If the police were able to solve this case, why couldn’t they figure out who stole The Dude’s car?

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