Turns out tornadoes are pretty badass

12 Aug

A couple weeks back, on a dark rainy evening, your hero B. went to see Inception. Roughly two-thirds of the way in, while I was absolutely enraptured in the movie, an usher barged into a theater, marched to the center of the room and shouted: “EVERYONE, CAN I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION. WE HAVE JUST BEEN NOTIFIED THAT DUE TO A TORNADO WARNING, I HAVE TO ASK ALL OF YOU TO HEAD TO THE EMERGENCY EXIT AND WAIT IN THE SECURE STORM ROOM.”

Since the movie kept playing while people exited, I remained defiantly planted in my seat until I was finally forced out by the usher. Why? As I forcefully (rudely) explained to the usher: there was no way in hell I was in any danger inside of getting harmed by a tornado while inside this gigantic brick megaplex.

Or so I thought, until I saw the below video of a tornado effing some ess up in northern Minnesota. I’m glad I didn’t see this before the movie-going experience, because if I had I’m afraid I would have stampeded folks Costanza-style on my way to the emergency exit.

Tornadoes: you have my respect. I apologize for doubting you.



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