Burger tour: Blue Door Pub

4 Aug

Winner of the City Pages ‘09 “best burger” award, the Blue Door Pub (named after previous occupant Puerto Azul restaurant) is a tiny modern pub located in a quiet neighborhood in St. Paul. The place features about eight small tables and a five-seater bar, which, combined with the positive press, guarantees it is packed pretty much constantly. (An insider told us the owners are considering knocking out an adjacent wall to expand.) This past Saturday marked our second attempt, the first being unsuccessful due to overcrowding.

The cramped setting is worth the wait for a couple of reasons, the first being the beer list. The BDP features rotating taps of snob-friendly favorites, currently including Widmer’s Deadlift IPA, a beer I love so much that seeing it available may or may not have made a tear spring from my eye. Unsurprising conclusion: we got a solid day-buzz while indulging in our meal.


The second and far-and-away most important reason patrons wait forever on a table is the burger. It’s damn near perfect. The bun is just thick enough to ward off bottom-bun soakage and comes slightly charred to provide a solid base. The patty is a full one-finger size (thereby meeting our Burger Golden Rule) and is flavored and salted better than every patty we’ve tasted thus far. The result is a juicy, clean, flavorful burger that rocketed to the very top of our tour list. (Side-note, the fries were a bit overcooked; the smart play is an order of Cajun tots.)

Full disclosure: the burger description above is based solely on Mike’s meal, sampled by B and quickly followed by a stealth waistband tuck. The sample was required because your proprietor, drunk with excitement (and Deadlift, natch), ordered the highly-regarded-yet-crazy-sounding “Jiffy Burger,” which is a standard patty topped with bacon, mayo, pickles and…peanut butter. You read that right. While better in taste than description, I found that the burger flavor took backseat to the heavy dollop of PB. While I love me some peanut butter, my burger purist sensibilities had me wishing I’d ordered something more standard.

Which I will, upon our sure-to-be-soon return. Blue Door Pub: you might want to knock that wall down soon, because we’re coming back, and this time we’re bringing friends.

Venue: B+ / Burger: A


Current rankings:

1. Blue Door Pub

2a. Ike’s

2b. Five Guys

4. The Bulldog

5. Buster’s on 28th

6. Mac’s Industrial

7. Burger Jones

8. Monte Carlo

9. Café Twenty Eight

10. Murray’s

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