Friday swag

30 Jul
Chief Administrative Officer Robert Rizzo made $787,637 a year, getting a series of raises since being hired in 1993 at $72,000 … Assistant City Manager Angela Spaccia made $376,288 a year.

[Corruption within the city of Bell, CA. Unbfuckinglievable. Get angry and stay angry, friends.]


“If there are people out there who didn’t love the fact that season five was a little more standalone, you’re gonna really like season six.”

[Sepinwall interviews the HIMYM creators about season six. Contains a few vague spoilers.]


The Republican Representative of the Muppet Babies District explains that he’s on the House Ethics Committee, and a lot of their conversations are actually about food! No they’re not. Fuck you. It’s bad enough that you spend your life lying to the American people when it actually matters, don’t do it in a throwaway line on a reality TV show about how to make soup using only things you find in a toilet.

[Gabe’s Top Chef reviews are not to be missed]


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