Monday swag

26 Jul

It can be said that many criminals lead a double life, but rarely is one of those lives that of a man of such age and infirmity. He was a jailhouse preacher who thanked God in daily conversations. He promised to help troubled youth when he was paroled. He made his payments on a recent loan, arriving at the office in rural Alabama in person and speaking again of God.

Then he returned and robbed the place.

The amazing tale of unreformed criminal Arthur Wilson.


Conan glanced over, sized us up, and mock sneered, “Look at you four, standing there. You’re like a Mount Rushmore of incompetence.” Then he chuckled and returned to his cartooning. It was a quality put-down, and I was honestly overjoyed to be included in it.

Todd Levin on his experience writing for The Tonight Show.


You can see Udall and Bennet initially vote “no.” Then you see them conferring with Chuck Schumer, at which point they’re probably learning that the vote will lose. At 3:07:57 Bennet switches his vote, and 15 seconds later Udall does the same.

Politics is a game and not to be taken seriously, part 2.


So there I was: scanning security camera footage with one cop while the other one took the phone number for the hooker and called her to confirm my story. There was definitely a moment of panic when I considered that the hooker was going to deny the whole thing and make me look foolish, but God bless her she SANG LIKE A CANARY!

By far the most enjoyable read last week. Drop everything and read it, stat.


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