News flash: Twitter is the best

18 Jul

I believe I have finally found a way to sum up the reason that I and many others are fully obsessed with Twitter. It is this:

Twitter is a real-time, customizable version of Johnny Carson’s monologue.

(You could use any host’s monologue, I suppose, but Carson seems the best since everyone of the Letterman/Leno age likely already understands the greatness of Twitter.)

I can’t say this for sure since I do my best to avoid anyone over the age of 35, but it seems like back in the day, millions would rely on Johnny Carson’s monologue to tell them what was going on in the world. A mix of news and commentary.

That is the benefit of Twitter, only it’s much, much more valuable than the monologue because it is customizable — there are plenty of valuable feeds no matter your interests, whether they’re movies, sports, cooking or whatever — and it’s a real-time, ongoing discussion. You can tailor the conversation to your interests, and that conversation happens constantly.

In conclusion: Twitter is like Carson’s monologue, only infinitely better.


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