Penn hates magic and Teller is a crybaby

13 Jul

“This is going to sound horrible, but I don’t even know how much I make in a year,” says Penn, who lives in a huge eccentric house 10 miles into the Mojave desert, with his wife Emily and their two children Moxie Crimefighter, five, and Zolten Penn, four.

Moxie! Crimefighter! Two great things that go great together!

“Early on, Teller said to me that magic was essentially an intellectual art form which, when you picture the kind of dips—s that do magic, sounds like an insane thing to say,” he says. “Can you do magic without insulting the audience? Can you do magic that is intellectually satisfying? It is those questions, rather than the magic itself, that fascinates me. Those are the question that we have been playing with for 35 years.”

Gotta say, I enjoyed Telegraph’s interview of Penn and Teller, even though I am a vocal hater of all things magic. Or, in other words, an adult. [Telegraph]


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