(Belated) T-Wolves posts of the week

11 Jul

I wrote this post last week but forgot to press ‘publish.’ BLOG BLOOPER. It’s still relevant though, so I’m posting now.

Hey, who wants to talk basketball? (Sound of doors being slammed, cars starting up and driving away.) Wow, this place cleared out quickly. Oh well. Gonna proceed anyway. I have absolutely no problem talking to myself.

My two favorite Wolves-related articles of the past week:

1. Sure, his is a modest contract for a starting center, but you’ll be hard-pressed to describe Darko as even average, as this point from the excellent A Wolf Among Wolves points out. He showed flashes of above-average play last year that got the fans all hot-and-bothered (including yours truly) but overall he simply wasn’t a very good player, and almost surely will never be one.

2. Canis Hoopus writer Stop-N-Pop (note: probably not his real name) takes a break from the typical (and understandable) histrionics to give Kahn credit where it’s due, but to most importantly illuminate the guy’s one fatal flaw: piss-poor player evaluation.

Amen. Kahn has deftly stripped away the bad contracts that were hamstringing the organization, made one spectacular and underrated trade in Miller/Foye for the #5 (Rubio) and has so far avoided jumping into the Insane Contracts pool with a number of other GMs. On the other hand, he has numerous times shown an inability to effectively assess the available talent pool. Thinking Flynn is better than Curry, Johnson better than Cousins? Pegging Darko as a starter? How the what the huh?

It’s early enough that I’m not ready to rip up my shared season tix and pledge allegiance to a new NBA team, but thus far I’m inclined to agree with SnP that the lack of talent assessment just may be Kahn’s undoing. (Though the flyer on Beasley made me smile.) We shall see.

And by “we,” I mean me. Obvs.


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