Wednesday (vacation) swag

7 Jul

People, I have so much love for you that I am blogging while on vacation. It may cost me my marriage, and will definitely rule out any late-night funny business with my bride for the foreseeable future, but, well, that’s how strong my love is for you readers.

On to the links….


The jurors in Vietnam are lovably gullible:

An acupuncturist who claims she can detect a man’s virginity¬†based on a small dot on the ear has become a minor celebrity in Vietnam, where she is credited with helping to free three convicted rapists from prison.

Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist here, but isn’t is at least possible these felons are paying off the acupuncturist? You could give her the equivalent of $200 and basically double her annual salary.


This week’s World Worst Person:

Roman Catholic priest Kevin Gray’s Sacred Heart parishioners thought he was a good, celibate priest who happened to be struggling with cancer, which maybe explained his occasional absences from the congregation. In reality he was an embezzler who would regularly take lavish trips to Manhattan on the Church’s dime, spending $200,000 on expensive restaurants, staying in posh Madison Avenue hotels, and shopping at stores like Armani. In total he embezzled $1.3 million from his congregation. And here’s the predictable part: He never had cancer, and he also spent the money on male escorts! It just fits that old stereotype: Catholic priests just have a tendency to secretly be cancer-free.

To quote someone more eloquent than me, I hope there is a heaven just so this guy won’t be in it.


Here is the story about the Bemidji woman who sculpted a beaver for a local fair and was shocked – shocked! – when people claimed to see something else.

The sculpture in question? I am going to press return about 20 times below before showing you the photo, which will give you a chance to sit and think of what it may look like. Got your guesses in? OK, scroll down slowly, and while you do, remember that art is a subjective thing, and different people see different things. You may have to stare long and hard at the sculpture until you fully understand the controversy at hand, but if you keep an open mind and devote your full attention to the photo, I feel quite confident that you will be able to ascertain the hidden drawing within. It’s like those Magic Eye drawings, except a thousand times more wonderful.


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  1. B. July 12, 2010 at 9:39 am #

    Apparently WordPress refuses to let people press enter 20 times in a row. Live and learn.

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