Here is a free idea for all of you

3 Jul

Here is an easy idea.

First, you’ll need like $10 billion. Maybe less, maybe more, but something in that vicinity. I don’t have an exact dollar amount in mind, but make no mistake: you will need crazy amounts of money to implement this plan.

Next step: take that $10 billion and loan it out to financially stable people at an interest rate just slightly higher than the national average. Say, 1% more.

Here is where it gets good: all the profits that you make from the interest will go directly to charity, meaning you have effectively started a non-profit, charity-focused lending company. You have just changed the world, and it did not cost you one penny.

And even better, consider the positive vibes felt by your borrowers: by simply making their monthly payments, they are giving back to charity. Business will be booming. Every middle- to upper-class guilty liberal in the country will be banging down your doors wanting to participate in this program. You’ll be employing thousands of people, and all of those people combined with the thousands of borrowers and the many recipients of your charity dollars makes for one giant sum of happy, healthy, fulfilled people. All because of you.

Simple right? Nothing to it. (Beyond the $10b.)


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