Tuesday swag

29 Jun

My new favorite politician: the Reykjavic comedian-turned-unlikely-mayor Jon Gnarr. Seemingly Iceland’s Jon Stewart, Gnarr named his party the “Best Party,” ran on a platform that included free towels at the swimming pools and, once elected, required his cabinet members to have watched all five seasons of “The Wire.” And gave this classic line:

“Just because something is funny doesn’t mean it isn’t serious,” said Mr. Gnarr, whose foreign relations experience includes a radio show in which he regularly crank-called the White House, the C.I.A., the F.B.I. and police stations in the Bronx to see if they had found his lost wallet.


No sense keeping this gem to myself:

Bess, 52, was found bathing naked in a library restroom sink while in possession of four pounds of parmesan cheese and two stolen CD’s.

If I had a nickel…


For those who don’t know, one of this country’s best writers Matt Taibbi has found a new home at Rolling Stone. Please read his every last word. The man is a national treasure, far as I’m concerned.


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