Burger tour: Cafe Twenty Eight

17 Jun

My podcast co-host Mike and I have embarked on a burger tour. Latest visit below. Other reviews are here.


Café Twenty Eight is a quiet little bistro tucked deep in the Linden Hills neighborhood of southwest Minneapolis. The building is an old fire station refurbished to give off a home-y vibe. It’s confined to one high-ceilinged room with approximately ten tables. They play no music. There are no TVs. The patrons sip coffee and read. It is the very definition of quaint.

Burger tour co-founder Mike visited Café Twenty Eight a short while back, and, for whatever reason, mentioned our tour to the waiter. The waiter kindly demanded that we include Café Twenty Eight, so, eager to acquiesce, we and guest reviewer Norm paid a visit this past weekend, each of us ordering a Surly (the brewmaster co-owns the restaurant) and a burger, which features grass-fed beef brought in daily from a local butcher.


While our review of the venue came down to preference (Mike enjoys quaintness, I do not), opinions over the burger were uniform: average at best. The patty was too thick, which led to some overcharring. The bun was soft and buttery, typically a good thing, but combined with the large patty it became grease-soaked in a hurry. The burger was under-salted. The fries were overcooked and thus overcrisped.

We do give Twenty Eight points for their quality toppings, and for the fresh beef, but there weren’t enough plusses to surmount the minuses. It’s not that the burger was bad, because it wasn’t, it was just…average. Very average.

Sorry, Twenty Eight. We feel terrible about this.



Current rankings:

1a. Ike’s

1b. Five Guys

3. The Bulldog

4. Buster’s on 28th

5. Burger Jones

6. Monte Carlo

7. Café Twenty Eight


2 Responses to “Burger tour: Cafe Twenty Eight”

  1. Dave MN June 17, 2010 at 1:40 pm #

    I remember being unimpressed by Cafe Twenty-Eight as well. I went there a few years ago, because they were one of 4 bars in the cities with Coffee Bender on tap (this was right after its first release). The food all sounded good and seemed to have good intentions, but didn’t really deliver. I probably would have gone back if other bars hadn’t picked up Surly shortly afterward.

  2. A.B. June 20, 2010 at 8:13 pm #

    I don’t eat cows, but I’ve heard the Juicy Lucy at Matt’s is not to be missed. When are you headed there?

    Cafe 28 is a nice spot to lunch outdoors on a sunny day before you head to Bibelot to buy your nanny or mother-in-law a birthday present. And I mean that in all sincerity.

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