Finally, a film about a movie producer that no one on earth asked for

13 Jun

OK everyone, raise your hand if you remember the semi-popular movie “Tropic Thunder” from 2008. Show of hands, please? Raise them up high … huh, not that many. So, for those of you with your arms raised, how many remember the cameo played by Tom Cruise near the end of the movie in which he plays a caricatured Hollywood producer? Wow, just three people left. I thought it’d be more than that. Well too late, gotta keep going with this already tired premise. So: for the last three of you, how many thought that guy was funny? One? Just one person? OK then. The rest of you are free to go.

Sir, I have some good news for you. In what amounts to possibly the most “Hollywood insider” idea of all time, some executive has decided that regular non-showbiz-working folks might want an entire movie made about a character that satirizes a type of person that over 99% of the general public has never met, not once, and couldn’t care less about, therefore making each and every joke or behavior exhibited by him pointless and lost on the viewers, and reiterating the obvious fact that celebrities would rather entertain themselves than offer anything of substance to the paying audience, making this the most masturbatory film in quite some time.

I hope you enjoy this upcoming film, sir. You like watching movies in empty theaters, right?


One Response to “Finally, a film about a movie producer that no one on earth asked for”

  1. roughkat June 15, 2010 at 9:17 am #

    My friend is that one guy. He’s super pumped and looking forward to the release.

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