How about: "What did you have for lunch today?"

4 Jun

I recently took the plunge and bought an iPhone, and soon after the purchase I logged on to AT&T’s site to set up automatic billing. When I got to the section about setting up security questions, I was treated to the following list of options:


What the fuck, AT&T? Whatever happened to listing my mother’s maiden name, or the model year of my first car? Something that I can fucking remember? All five of these are opinions. Try to  stick with facts.

Once I begrudgingly selected one of those questions (I’m screwed if Rushmore ever gets trumped as my favorite movie), I scrolled down and realized there was another set, and those questions are even dumber:

I’m half-surprised one of the questions wasn’t “what time is it right now?”

I’m just saying, AT&T, if I told a junior high student to create a list of security questions and she came up with these ten, I would not only give her an F but would immediately get her tested for learning disabilities.


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