Total jerk: Jimmy Williams

27 May

I’ll admit I don’t know every last detail of the recent lawsuit between Jimmy Williams and Gopher hoops head coach Tubby Smith. I may be missing something here. I am pretty sure I am not, but feel free to correct me if I’ve erred.

Here is what is known: Williams, a former assistant at the U of M, was working at Oklahoma State but interested in an open position at the U. After interviewing him for the job, Smith called Williams to either offer him the job (according to Williams) or state that the job would eventually be offered (according to Smith).

Smith then told his boss, Joel Maturi, about his plan to hire Williams, at which point Maturi was all “like hell you will” before telling Tubby about a litany of infractions made by Williams during his first stint at the U. Smith reported to Williams the unfortunate news that he would NOT be hired. End of story.

Or not. Turns out, Williams was so confident over the verbal offer that he went to his current employers and put in his two-week notice. He was unable to get his job back offer the U offer was rescinded, leaving him unemployed.

Let’s now ponder what you would do in a similar situation. You trusted this potential new boss, took him at his word and made the bold decision to immediately resign from the current job before the new offer was finalized. Tough situation all around. As a next move, do you:

(A) Admit that neglecting to divulge your previous transgressions was a bullshit move on your part (and a main factor for this un-hiring), offer a mea culpa to Tubby and seek other employment.

(B) Blame the U for not knowing about your prior offenses (which you assumed to be public knowledge), publicly denounce Tubby and his staff for their unprofessional behavior, and eventually seek other employment.

(C) Immediately forget Minnesota and shamelessly beg your OSU bosses for your old job back.

(D) Sue the U of M for eight times your annual salary because they reneged on the verbal commitment.

You know where this is going: Williams chose option (D), essentially announcing to the world that he is a greedy, unethical jerk-off. He took no responsibility for those past violations being part of the decision, and accepted no fault for quitting a job even though he had no new offer in writing. He not only blamed the entire snafu on someone else, but asked for eight goddamn times the amount of his salary. Not a year’s worth. Eight. Fucking eight.

Jimmy Williams: you are a swindler of the highest order. Unless Smith told you on the phone that you were required to quit on the spot and that the new position was guaranteed without a background check – which he obviously did not – this one is on you. Most of us in the real world would accept this situation as a bummer, and perhaps vow to not to business with Smith again, but we’d accept some responsibility and move the fuck on. Only the greediest, most immoral charlatans take this as an opportunity for a shameless cash-grab. Like you, you full-fledged prick.

And look, now you’ve made me so mad that I’m unable to frame my opinion in any sort of humorous or satirical manner. I’ve just subjected my readers to a straight-up rant, which is no fun for anyone involved. Screw you for that as well.

(Though I will take some accountability. We grown-ups are able to do that sort of thing.)


4 Responses to “Total jerk: Jimmy Williams”

  1. roughkat May 28, 2010 at 7:19 am #

    My understanding (based on the little I heard on the radio) was that Tubby called Williams first, not that Williams was applying for an open position. I also heard that Maturi sent an email an assistant or similar position to make sure Williams got moved through paperwork quickly so he was eligible to recruit. Sometime later, Maturi realized it was the same Jimmy Williams that was involved in prior violations and then the offer was rescinded. Regardless, I don’t think whatever happened was worth that much money. That seems ridiculous. If Tubby was interested in him, I’m sure he can find work somewhere, even if its not OK State.

  2. muxhut May 28, 2010 at 10:44 am #

    Well, the courts have pretty clearly decided that Williams was wronged. And they seem to have given him, what, 6 times his salary? So the fact that he asked for 8 was, I guess, within the realm of reason … maybe just savvy negotiating.

    I absolutely agree that the guy is a douche-tastic swine to even choose option (D). I would have gone with an option (B) and (C) combo, so as not to be a douche-tastic swine … but maybe this proves that instead, I’d just be another sniveling whining push-over, and one who’s out $1.25 million to boot. (Although I could take some serious pride in non-douche-tastic-swinery, partly b/c that would totally throw off roughkat’s assessment of me.)

  3. B. May 28, 2010 at 11:13 am #

    Related: I’m going to start throwing haymakers at all those “he’s laughing all the way to the bank!” people who think an undeserved payday is worth sacrificing your integrity. I recently read Kate Gosselin was paid $500k to make a fool out of herself on DWTS. People were all “I’d do it too for that amount of money!” Counterpoint: you are just as idiotic as she is, and you and everyone else who values heaps of money over self-respect are completely and utterly shameful. I hate all of you.

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend, everyone!

  4. Dave MN June 1, 2010 at 8:56 am #

    Well, that, and Kate Gosselin is a media whore.

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