Burger tour: Burger Jones

25 May

My podcast co-host Mike and I have embarked on a burger tour. Latest visit below. Other reviews are here.


Burger Jones is located in St Louis Park on Excelsior Ave, pert near our neck of the woods and thus a much-anticipated stop on the burger tour. Could this be our new go-to spot? Might we become the bar regulars as seen in the movies that we’ve secretly always wanted to become?

The good: Burger Jones boasts a top-notch beer list, complete with the rarely found Surly Cynic as well as dozens of other microbrews. The patio is spacious, even if the view of an intersection is less than serene. There isn’t much in the way of ambiance indoors, but why are you sitting indoors, you sun-hating recluse?

Two negatives that need to be mentioned. (1) The music is terrible, unless you like guitar-riffing blues, in which case you are a liar. (2) And most importantly, Burger Jones is damn expensive. A burger and fries will run you about $14 before drinks, which is sky-high compared to most burger joints.

Overall, the venue is flawed but worthy enough to justify potential “regular” status.


However, the burger is not. While the meat is high-quality, the surrounding factors sully the overall taste experience. Factors that include:

  • An oversized, over-buttered and less-than-fresh bun
  • Sloppy construction of toppings (breaking our strict “don’t play outside the bun” rule)
  • Too-short, over-seasoned fries

Here’s the thing: the Burger Jones burger is good. If you are looking for a decent burger, you could do a whole lot worse, and have a lot less fun, and drink a lot worse beer. But considering the excessive price and the vastly superior options in the burger realm, it falls well short.

Looks like the “regulars” dream is exactly that, at least for the time being. See you never again, Burger Jones.



Current rankings:

1a. Ike’s

1b. Five Guys

3. The Bulldog

4. Buster’s on 28th

5. Burger Jones

6. Monte Carlo


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