WoB seal of approval: "Parks & Rec" and bitching about scheduling slights

17 May

Since this appears to be “scream at NBC for delaying the “Parks & Rec” premiere until midseason” week on the internet, I’d like to join the tantrum-throwing masses and publicize my displeasure.

“Parks & Rec” has been far and away the best comedy on television this season. This is coming from a knee-jerk comedy snob who more or less hated season 1, but stuck around only because show co-creator Michael Schur is something of a professional hero of mine.

It’s been better than the typically superb “Modern Family,” better than the now embarrassingly over-the-top “The Office,” better than the uneven but promising “Community,” better than my former favorite but now near-weekly disappointment “How I Met Your Mother.”

“Parks & Rec” is the only show right now that has hit a perfect balance of both rapid-fire LOLZ and a believable cast of characters. A rare combo, that.

Those who either gave up on the show after season 1 or never gave it a chance to begin with, I heartily recommend you queue this season as soon as its available.

And then, you too can cry foul at the scheduling slight.


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