Great news for people trying to hide the stench of a corpse

7 May

After years of begging, pleading, letter-writing and passionate screaming outside their headquarters, White Castle has finally heeded my advice and created a White Castle-scented candle.

This is fantastic news for people trying to cover up even worse smells than White Castle. Does your house smell like curdled milk? Napalm? My balls after a workout while wearing sweatpants and sliding shorts? Dairy farts? An overfilled garbage dump located on the equator? Month-old room temperature raw ground beef mixed with rotten eggs?  Sauerkraut piled on top of a steaming turd? If so, then this candle is really going to come in handy.

(I should mention, proceeds from the candle sales will be given to an organization fighting autism, so perhaps the best thing to do is for all of us to buy a couple of these things for gag gifts or something.)


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