Review: "Crazy Heart"

3 May

The universally loved Crazy Heart was close to being a kick-ass movie. All the elements were there. The true-to-life premise, the low-key vibe, the settings, the casting of Jeff Bridges; really, this should have been a no-doubter.

And it would have, if not for the lack of one small yet significant detail: they forgot to show why the two leads liked each other. That’s a vital aspect to a movie that more or less focuses on a love story, right?

We never see a spark, a moment, a hint of compatibility, a modicum of a reason for their interest in each other, nothing. One is an old drunk, the other a boring mom/writer. Their first meeting involves a tense, overly formal conversation during an interview, a conversation that somehow, against all logic, seals the deal. Wooing over, relationship started. Do not get.

The rest of “Crazy Heart” was interesting enough, and props to the most Irish man on the planet Colin Farrell for pulling off a convincing redneck accent, but the movie never recovered from the lack of a justification for the romance. I give it a B- with a sad shake of the head.


One Response to “Review: "Crazy Heart"”

  1. Numero 6 May 4, 2010 at 12:51 pm #

    Let me try and shed some light on this issue.

    Younger/desperate single mom who loves music finds a man to fill a void who is, in fact, a musician. If not for any other reason, the attraction may have been a “Freudian slip” on her part as Bad Blake may have reminded her of her own dad, thus providing a father-type figure for her son.

    As far as the other side of this romantic duo, couldn’t we say that Bad Blake would have been crazy to not go for a younger/hotter woman? Just ask Donny Trump or Billy Bob Thornton about that. If he wouldn’t have pursued this young temptress, the movie may have been called “Crazy Dousche.”

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